Plan de Paris (wall map) 2018 Plan de Paris (album) 2011 –

paeonies in a box 2010

Paeonies in a Box 2010 back

here and there 2014-17

here and there 2014-17   The pleasure garden is a real and an imagined place, a theatre of culture that is both nature and artifice. I use a Rococo inspired dynamic space of roseate profusions, elegance & sweetness, decorative arabesques, pattern and sensual playfulness; at once serious and superficial, overflowing…

Elegy 18

Elegy XVIII 2019, oil, metallic pigment, watercolour and pencil on paper 30" x 22" back


    Tapestry Miniatures 2009

Folding Screens

Folding Screens (maquettes) 2012 back


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